Daily Ramblings

Today I desided to add a somewhat daily updated page where I just ramble on about various ideas or stuff I want off my mind

8 thoughts on “Daily Ramblings”

  1. oh and I am well aware that my splash pages and my site is ugly haha, but I guess it will change in the future as I tweak around and learn more 😉 have a great day friends

  2. I started messing around with traffic exchange and is testing 2 sites at the moment and it appears it’s starting to earn alittle, going to be fun to see where it leads to, keep up the spirit and never give up on finding ways to earn on the internet friends 🙂

  3. Been getting alot of bot user registration, so spent some time deleting accounts and adding plugins for spam registration bots.
    Thinking about adding a section where you gotta comment, just to say hi or something like that when you register, just to prove you are not just a bot.

  4. Today I desided to try and change the way I mine at Eobot, I now mine cloud SETI, Cloud Folding and GHS4.
    Cloud Seti earns Gridcoins and Cloud Folding earns Cure coins I then exchange Gridcoins and Curecoins into GHS4 so I can get more mining power

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