Ahh the good old Eobot, been around for like since 2013. It’s actually the only site, I have used for so long, it’s been the most stable and trustworthy site, that I have used of all the Crypto sites I have been on, and believe me, I have tested a lot! ( still is, but I will not mention them untill I am sure they are legit )

I admit, I might be a fanboy, but Eobot it has been good to me 🙂 Eobot is a Cloud Mining site where you can mine with your own mining hardware or with GHS 10 year contracts, there are also 24 hour contracts but they are more for advanced users that know how to read the market and act according to market. You can also use the daily faucet on Eobot, remember it’s 1 claim pr. IP every day, 1 account for each user, family members can join too but the faucet will only work for 1 pr IP.

You can use the site for free and just claim the faucet and exchange it to GHS to start mining, you can also exchange between various coins on the site.
I use the mining option called Diversify, and then I chose 2 coins and GHS to mine. That way I mine GHS and 2 coins which I each day convert to 24 hour scrypt and 24 hour 24 ghs mining contracts, I do that to build up my GHS, so I can mine more over time, I do long term planning and not quick get rich strategy because they do not exist, no such thing as get rich fast, you gotta work for it.

Anyways to make a short story long, I plan to build up GHS so I can mine more and then when I have reached Minimum Withdraw Limits for a coin I will send them to another site, where I can exchange them, trade them or even loan them out and that site is called Poloniex, I will tell more on that on my next page.
www.eobot.com is the only official URL, any other domain is a phishing site.

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