To give a fast explanation of Poloniex, it is a digital trading service. Users trade and exchange currencies around the world. Poloniex is very similar to any of an ever-increasing number of crypto currency exchanges in various countries.

You can deposit and withdraw, exchange, trade, loan and lend out cryptos.

The lending out part, is what I do at the moment, when I get more crypto, and more experience, I might try the exchange and trade part, but for now, I build up my portfolio by lending out crypto.

The idea is I build up my “lending” account using Coinpot and Eobot so I can lend out more and more and get more and more back and that way build almost passive income, I got to keep an eye on the lendings 🙂

I lend out 2 days at a time with various coins, sometimes lenders payout sooner, so I check a few times daily to make sure, so I can lend out again and my portfolie is growing nicely.

You could lend out some coins on day 1 and other coins on day 2, that way it looks like you lend out each day and grow income 😉