The Plan!

Alright, thanks for being with me so far 🙂

The Plan!, is to earn passive income from Cryptos, pretty simple right? 🙂

I am not lying it can be done but it is not a get rich scheme, you got to work for it in the start, but it can be done, you just need time a computer or phone, your choice 🙂 internet and alot of energy only you set the limit once you start.

The Plan!, is to use faucets to get some Crypto and then reach minimum amount to withdraw those coins to a site that will earn you intrest on the coins or Stake the coins.

I will only show you sites that I earn Crypto on, there are alot of cheat/scam sites out there that only wastes your time and your crypto. You and I will try to avoid those sites, but one can never be 100% sure that a site will last “forever”, that is why I only show sites that I have earned several times on and as soon a site stops paying I will remove it and add it to the bad list that I will be building too, that way people can also goto the bad site page and have a quick look if there is a site to avoid.