This site can earn you a good amout of crypto.

I call it a microwallet because the next 7 faucets I am going to show you is connected to Coinpot.

It is important that you use the same email to all the 7 faucets and for coinpot, so it will send your coins to Coinpot.

I will not go deep into what faucets because I assume that you know alittle about crypto and faucets by now since you probably searched for faucets to use to get extra crypto.

In short, a faucet is where you do a captcha and get coins or watch a small add and get crypto or do some shortlinks for crypto.








I try to claim those faucets every 30 minuts, but you can claim every 5 minuts. Every time you claim you gain Tokens also. Inside Coinpot you can convert the coins to any of the coins you claimed.

You also get loyalty bonus everyday you claim within 24 hours, you start with 0 the next day its 1% and you end up with 100%, but don’t forget to do it every day or your loyalty bonus gets reset. If you get your friends to do it also you earn a % from them too.